The RED  stars are favorites of Our Customers

Cakes $35.00

***Lemon Pound
**Plain Pound
*Chocolate Pound
**Honey Bun
Marble Cake
Red Velvet Sheet Cake
*Pineapple Upside-down
 ***Crown Cakes – Apple, Maple, Vanilla –Salted Caramel &  Peach when available – $50.00

Layer Cakes  $40.00

***Italian Cream
**Key Lime
*Humming Bird

Specialty Cakes

***Half Cheese Cake  $30.00
***Whole Cheese Cake  $40.00
German Chocolate  $50.00
Lemon Loaf   $20.00
***Graham Krack  $15.00 1lb-12oz 


White Chocolate Layer

Salted Caramel Layer